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You can call me Seó ó Dhilrí, or Yilrie for short.

I'm a Northern Irish living in Canada, and a wanna-be composer/singer/songwriter/etc. I don't really believe I'm all that good at it, but I continue anyways, since I enjoy it (and, also, I'll never have a chance to get better if I give up :P)

You can consider my birthdate to be December 28th, 2004. I've had an interest in game corruption/glitches for a pretty long time -- always mainly focused on ye olde Pokemon games, as those weres the ones that made it to my line of sight much easier. Whenever I learn of corruption in a game, my heart jumps and I'm driven to want to check it out.

Due to that, I want to give my digital persona a design partially based on electronics. However, I haven't exactly drawn it properly yet, so I hope you enjoy the pictures of Shiki I'm using as placeholders.

I've also vaguely wanted to make music for even longer than I was interested in corruption. That desire grew stronger once I watched the Love Live! series for the first time, when I was around 11/12.

I hope to become near fluent in Irish.


I've already uploaded a few songs to my YouTube channel, but I don't think they're the best quality. I'm trying to create a first album while practicing and figuring out exactly /what/ sort of music and lyrics I like to make. Due to this, I consider everything I make to be experimental.

I'd like for the album to have about 7 or 8 songs in it. The time I have to record vocals isn't much, as I have to work around my mothers schedule. And, given that I'm not always going to be in the headspace to work when I have time I can record in...

I'll hope you'll stay and watch me as I improve and find what I like and can do!

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